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Old Work: multi-use space exploratory drawing


The process of moving forces you to do a lot of things which aren’t so fun. Two things I do like doing are getting rid of things I don’t use and stumbling on things that I made in the past. I wrote about this once before and oddly, this drawing is from the same studio project. This is another one of these exploratory drawings, in some strange search for a way to combine mixed-use space inside one building. This one even has a key. Blue = Offices, Red = Circulation, Yellow = Public and White = Labs. If I remember correct, this was for an combination office/library/research facility. Below are some detail shots of the same drawing.

architecture-multiuse-space-drawing-detail-01 architecture-multiuse-space-drawing-detail-02 architecture-multiuse-space-drawing-detail-03

Thoughts on my scholastic architectural drawings

Lab/Library Building

Some people know that I went to school for architecture. Above is one of my drawings. It is a process drawing for a library and residence for scientist types. It was done on paper that had copies of these textural experiments that I was making to try and invent a new surface. It was an attempt to get into the mode of invention and exploration that my subjects might be involved in. My drawings were often criticized for their lack of readability. I struggled with this throughout my education. I found it hard to feel the necessity to produce the standard architectural drawings, so instead I did expolorative drawings that would teach me about specific things that I wanted to find out about. This always came back at me during crit time. “What are we looking at here?” people would ask. I would go into a lengthy explanation about what I had done. This explanation didn’t help much. The mess of lines that I would produce only had meaning to me. How could anyone come in blind and see anything in a 2 second glance. Compare that with the hours and hours that I had spent engrossed in that drawing. I don’t have an answer to this problem. The end. (click images to enlarge)

Lab/Library Building

the same building as prevoius page
the red lines designate library space and the blue lines designate the residential living space.