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SPACE1026 QTVRs from 1998

Way back in 1998, I shot a series of QTVR movies of SPACE1026 as it was. There wasn’t any fancy staging or cleaning up–just some quick shots from a tri-pod. This was the future, spinning 3-D inside a space, a virtual walk through. Fifteen years later QTVR isn’t really on anyone’s radar and it was pretty tricky to transfer these files to a format people can actually see (I’m including some instructions at the very bottom of this post).

The SPACE1026 kitchen

15 Years later I see –– The kitchen was sketchy and dirty. Also note there is an ad-hoc changing room behind the last studio there (Adam Wallacavge‘s studio). There’s some nice Jim Houser artwork around. We kitchen was not stocked too well. We ate a lot of meals at the second kitchen, the Wawa just on the corner of 11th and Arch.

The SPACE1026 computer zone

15 Years later I see –– There is a boom box on the table. Early on at SPACE1026, I was kind of infatuated with the fact that we had a commercial space and businesses would treat us as “real” businesses. So I talked some random company into delivering a soda machine to the space. The dumb thing was that no one really drank soda so much. The all mac computer set up is sweet to this day. I see my old PowerMac 6100, and what looks like a PowerMac 7100 but it could also be a Quadra (not sure).

The SPACE1026 ramp

15 Years later I see –– The ramp was boring before Jim Houser’s show later in 1998. There are two crazy extensions already in place. One is just a launch ramp, upside down. My studio/bedroom was behind the ramp. You can see the lights inside my little zone.

The SPACE1026 gallery

15 Years later I see –– This was shot before we re-finished the gallery floors. The Fort Thunder show was awesome, even in this late stage. At some point 1026 Arch was a bank – so there are a few vaults and there was this super heavy safe that moved around for a while. The output of Fort Thunder was and is still inspiring.

The view from the SPACE1026 roof

15 Years later I see –– The roof access was awesome. We spent hot nights up there when inside the space was crazy hot. I remember long talks with the gang, dreaming big and just enjoying the company of good friends struggling to do something great.

Nerd stuff below, stop reading if you don’t care how I transferred these…

How to transfer QTVR to a movie file. You will need something old that reads QTVR. I used QuickTime 7 Pro (you’ll need the serial number as well which unlocks all the cool stuff), which I keep around because it’s a really handy video swiss army knife kind of tool. The new version of QuickTime Player has a little known feature called ‘Screen Recording’. Under the file menu you create a “New Screen Recording” and it will record what is on your screen. So you just start a new screen recording, click and drag to select the area of the screen you want to record, in this case the QT7 Pro window, and then you move the QTVR around and it will make a movie of your screen. There are some older tools out there, but this was the cleanest and fastest way to do the job.

Moz x 8-Bit

Tomorrow night at Seeing Things, in San Jose, I’ll be a part of a show called ‘It’s Not Your Birthday Anymore’ a Morrissey Group Art Show. I created a series of prints specifically for the show. They are all LP sized and will be available (framed) at the gallery starting tomorrow night (7-10PM). They are also be available on my Etsy store.










Outside the Lines

'Outside the Lines' cover

It seems like a long time ago now. Souris Hong-Porretta reached out to Amy and I about this cool new project she was working on. After a lot of hard work the book, ‘Outside the Lines’ is real and Saturday night is the release party at LA MOCA. It’s still pretty crazy and awesome that I’ve been included in this project with the likes of Keith Haring (one of my all time favorites) and an amazing bunch of contemporary artists like: Shepard Fairey, Dave Kinsey, Kozyndan, Travis Milliard, Gary Baseman and way too many other awesome people to name. Learn more on the OTL Facebook page.

Support the project and pre-order one now on Amazon.

The press on this has been insane. Here’s a sampling…
The Huffington Post – “Might be the best thing we’ve ever seen”
Colossal – Six Great New Art Books
Giant Robot – Interview with Souris
USA Today – Win a copy of the book
LA I’m Yours – “will likely become a collector’s item”

The release party is Saturday, Sept. 21st, 2013 from 3-6PM. It’s free. Bring the kids, get your book signed (over 50 of the artists form the book will be there) and color. Amy and I will be there as well. A huge thanks goes out to Souris for including us in this dream.


M3 Zine


This zine was supposed to be printed many years ago. For some unknown reason, it lived in my computer and hasn’t seen the light of day until recently. It’s full color, 40 pages and each copy is signed and numbered in an edition of 25. The size is 10 1/4″ tall x 7 1/4″ wide.

Get one on my Etsy site now.

M3-intro spread M3-sample page M3-sample page M3-back cover detail




Big Kids/Little Kids 2012 eBook edition is now available

Five (plus) years later “Big Kids/Little Kids” is back in a newly formed digital edition. All the good stuff from the print original plus new chapters about the 5 city art show tour and an updated “Where are they now” section. The eBook is available on the Apple iBookstore in 32 countries.

Big Kids/Little Kids - John Freeborn

If you missed the print edition:

Big Kids/Little Kids chronicles the first 8 years of the newly emerging contemporary art movement in Philadelphia. It features artists from SPACE1026, 1Pixel, 222gallery and Spector (the galleries that have supported this energy) and artists from outside of Philly who have shown in these spaces by shaping and being influenced by this scene. The book showcases the artwork and asks some simple questions of each artist. John Freeborn, one of the founders of SPACE1026, tells the story through his viewpoint, guiding you through the multi-layered connections that have helped fuel a new generation of artists from the city of brotherly love.

Artist list:

In order of appearance – Ben Woodward, John Freeborn, Andrew Jeffrey Wright, Jeff Wiesner, Adam Wallacavge, Brian Chippendale, Mat Brinkman, Leif Goldberg, Brian Ralph, Jim Drain, Shelter Serra, Max Lawrence, Clare Rojas, Isaac Lin, Jesse Goldstein, Shepard Fairey, Ed Templeton, Rebecca Westcott, Rich Jacobs, Andrew Kuo, Dan Murphy, Niel Rassmussen, Jordin Isip, Amy S. Kauffman, Tim Lewis, Ryan Wallace, Tom Maher, Chris Johanson, Barry McGee, Shelley Spector, Jim Houser, Thom Lessner, Eric McDade, Phil Otto, Todd St. John, Dave Delaney, Andy Cruz, and Ryan McGinness.