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Big Kids/Little Kids 2012 eBook edition is now available

Five (plus) years later “Big Kids/Little Kids” is back in a newly formed digital edition. All the good stuff from the print original plus new chapters about the 5 city art show tour and an updated “Where are they now” section. The eBook is available on the Apple iBookstore in 32 countries.

Big Kids/Little Kids - John Freeborn

If you missed the print edition:

Big Kids/Little Kids chronicles the first 8 years of the newly emerging contemporary art movement in Philadelphia. It features artists from SPACE1026, 1Pixel, 222gallery and Spector (the galleries that have supported this energy) and artists from outside of Philly who have shown in these spaces by shaping and being influenced by this scene. The book showcases the artwork and asks some simple questions of each artist. John Freeborn, one of the founders of SPACE1026, tells the story through his viewpoint, guiding you through the multi-layered connections that have helped fuel a new generation of artists from the city of brotherly love.

Artist list:

In order of appearance – Ben Woodward, John Freeborn, Andrew Jeffrey Wright, Jeff Wiesner, Adam Wallacavge, Brian Chippendale, Mat Brinkman, Leif Goldberg, Brian Ralph, Jim Drain, Shelter Serra, Max Lawrence, Clare Rojas, Isaac Lin, Jesse Goldstein, Shepard Fairey, Ed Templeton, Rebecca Westcott, Rich Jacobs, Andrew Kuo, Dan Murphy, Niel Rassmussen, Jordin Isip, Amy S. Kauffman, Tim Lewis, Ryan Wallace, Tom Maher, Chris Johanson, Barry McGee, Shelley Spector, Jim Houser, Thom Lessner, Eric McDade, Phil Otto, Todd St. John, Dave Delaney, Andy Cruz, and Ryan McGinness.

WordPress Next/Previous Nightmare

I never write about stuff like this. But, I feel pretty damn good about figuring this out.

Here’s the problem. I’m working on a theme where I needed the last post thumb to be a image, that linked to the next page of posts. Normally you have a simple text link at the bottom, but we wanted an image instead. So, problem number 1 was replacing the 20th post thumb with an image.

This is an easy problem, right? I thought so. I looked into the code on index.php of this theme. GridPortfolio is the name of this theme, and it’s really easy to tweak and the theme is free. What I found was a complex little “while” statement that writes the news posts into the page. You tell it how many posts and how many per row–it does the rest. I’d already adjusted it for 5 rows with 4 per row. I talked to my buddy Adam Bert and he gave me some hints on how to target that last post. After fighting for a while, I was able to replace the last post with my new image–this created a new problem. What happens to that last post. Post number 20 just goes away, never to be seen again. This wasn’t the right way.

Another problem was how to replace the text link with an image. This seemed simple, but wasn’t. After the jump, there’s a full explanation of how I got that part to work.

WordPress has a built in solution for this. It creates simple text links for Next and Previous posts. But, it doesn’t do one important thing – it doesn’t actually evaluate when these should show up. Some code gets written either way. There are plugins with enhance WordPress’ next and previous abilities, but these were little more than shortcuts for text alterations–not the overhaul that I was seeking. I did find an example of someone who had a related issue with single post pages and the solution came into focus.

Standing on the shoulders of giants.

I took what he had done for single post pages and rewrote it for the index.php. Here’s what the standard WordPress Next/Previous block of code looks like…

<div><?php previous_post_link( '%link', '<span>' . _x( '←', 'Previous post link', 'twentyten' ) . '</span> %title' ); ?></div>
<div><?php next_post_link( '%link', '%title <span>' . _x( '→', 'Next post link', 'twentyten' ) . '</span>' ); ?></div>

Mr. Roger Johansen from 456 Barea St. did this…

<ul> <?php if (get_adjacent_post(false, '', true)): // if there are older posts ?>
<li>Previous post: <?php previous_post_link('%link'); ?></li>
<?php endif; ?> <?php if (get_adjacent_post(false, '', false)): // if there are newer posts ?>
<li>Next post: <?php next_post_link('%link'); ?></li>
<?php endif; ?>

So, I took a few simple steps and about 25 rewrites to get to this…

<ul> <?php if (get_previous_posts_link(false, '', true)): // if there are older posts ?>
<li>Previous post: <?php previous_posts_link('Previous'); ?></li>
<?php endif; ?> <?php if (get_next_posts_link(false, '', false)): // if there are newer posts ?>
<li>Next post: <?php next_posts_link('Next'); ?></li>
<?php endif; ?>

What is happening here? Instead of looking for a next or previous post, I’m looking for the “previous_posts_links” and the same goes for the “next_posts_links”. After that, I had to get the correct linking  and change the text to match my preferred naming. Hopefully, this can help someone else with a similar issue.

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Random #10 eZine – Available Now!

….. Random Zine #10 - John Freeborn

My first eBook is now available on the Apple bookstore. This digital zine is 100 pages long with work from 20 artists and is my first forray into this new form of publishing. Check out some samples below. Huge thanks to everyone who participated and if the world buys a few copies, then I’ll do more. It’s just a buck, spread the word.

Artwork by (in order of appearance) Hershel Baltrotsky, Sonia Yoon, Clint Woodside, Ryan Wallace, Rich Jacobs, Jim Houser, Kendrick Shackleford, Tom Maher, Ben Horton, Eric McDade, Chris Sembrot, Joseph Hart, Matt Sohl, Dave Delaney, Sam Croswell, Carlos Miaco, Matt Curtius, Amy S. Kauffman and Jordin Isip.

UK iBookstore –> Random Zine #10 - John Freeborn   Spain iBookstore –> Random Zine #10 - John Freeborn

Australia iBookstore –> Random Zine #10 - John Freeborn   Canada iBookstore –> Random Zine #10 - John Freeborn

France iBookstore –> Random Zine #10 - John Freeborn   Germany iBookstore –> Random Zine #10 - John Freeborn

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Random Numbers

It’s been a long-ass time since I built something random for no apparent reason. So here goes – a random number generator, built in flash (however unpopular that may be).

Motivational Cubicle Signage

From February of 2010 until July I found myself back in the cubicle trenches. This was not my first cube run so I knew the ropes well. Something new hit me this time that I didn’t notice in my younger days. People decorate their cubes a lot. Some take a “home away from home” approach. Others try and simulate a cool office with design-y posters and hip toys. After a few weeks, I found myself doing the same without even realizing it.

One fine morning as I rolled into my cube, my neighbor asked, “How you doing?” My answer, channeling my best Allen Iverson, “Living every day like it’s my last!” For some reason this quote, in this context made me laugh all day long. This brought about my first ironic motivational quote poster. I was working in the kind of office that likes to put motivational quotes on the wall in gold letters, so this wink and nod to that was a huge bonus. In my downtime I created the “Live Every Day Like It’s Your Last” poster.

Once this first one was made the creative flood gates we’re opened. A series of 9 were made and you can download the whole set at the bottom of the post here. Some are famous quotes and others are my own invention. They all will raise your cube status and help you get through the day. Enjoy.

This could be you!!! Download the full set as a PDF here –> John Freeborn’s Motivational Cube Signs.PDF

Or, just grab your favorites as good ole’ JPG below.