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My 2010

2010 had a rough start. You may or my not remember that in the end of 2009 I lost my job. This situation created great difficulty in our household. We managed to get by with much cutting back, help from family and a willingness to wear many, many layers. Amy made lots of amazing food to ease the pain (see photos). In February I landed a temp job at the Bank of America and the timing couldn’t have been better. Bills needed to get paid. The next few months were pretty straight forward–get back on track. In June, I noticed an interesting job online and before I knew it I was offered an amazing job in California for Black Box Distribution. This was good news but life is not simple–lots of logistics are involved in moving across the country. We put our house up for sale (in the worst housing market). Amy is doing her best to maintain and I’m doing my best to do good work and balance that with home. I keep hoping that things will change for the better and some sanity will return to our lives.