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Sampla: Video Game Music Quiz Game

Many moons ago I approached my collaborators at geekadelphia about doing a game. The concept was simple enough, and after months of fits and starts it is finally live to the world. Sampla: the video game music quiz. Try it out, post your score and tell your friends. This game is a variation of the original Sampla, which you should still play even though the high score board broke. –> more games of mine here at

Good & Green: two web hits

Desktop Tower Defense

One website called this flash game the best game of 2007. Not just ‘web’ games, but better than Mario Galaxy, Halo 3, and others. I have to admit this game is amazing, addictive, and hard as hell. I’m still stuck on “normal”. It reminds me of Rampart, Tetris, Pipe Dream, and Missile Command all at once. Play Desktop Tower Defense here.

A Little Bit Greener

My co-worker and pal Brennen Lukas has been hard at work on his new blog ‘A Little Bit Greener‘. It’s all about small changes in lifestyle to make our world better. Check it out, do some good.

Virtual Game and Watch

Game and Watch

Game and Watch

Being a game dork I have to applaud this effort at handheld remakes to recreate all the old handheld games online. These games are very solid playable games, so much done with so little. Above are just two of the many playable games. Some flash, some java, and some in ole director.

Video Game Honor Badges – in my hands!!!

Pitfall! Pouch Pitfall! Pouch

Pitfall! Pouch Pitfall! Pouch

Pitfall! Pouch
The response to my post about the video game honor badges was surprising. People have been touched by this image, and many didn’t even know such a thing existed. One man, Brian, IMd me soon thereafter and informed me that he still had his patches, and he would bring them over so I could get a closer look. Not only did he have 6 gorgeous patches, he also had an official Activision Pitfall Pouch! Who knew such a thing could live. The bag is in great condition, his mom sewed the patches on, and they are looking good. I can’t believe this has survived in such great shape. Any one else out there have something this sweet? Brain claims he’ll sell for $1,000,000.