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Milkcrate Digest #8

Milkcrate Digest #8
Milkcrate Digest #8 is out now. You can buy it here, or on the Milkcrate Digest website. This issue goes back to the zine roots with a all black and white contents, cardstock cover with spray paint pop color, and more content. (32 pages) This issue didn’t even take 5 years to make like #7. Get up on it.

Milkcrate #2 is Back

Milkcrate Digest #2

After almost 12 years, Milkcrate #2 has been re-issued. This is a remaster, not just a simple re-copy. The cover is the same, from the original print run. 2-Color copy toner on baby blue cardstock. These won’t last too long, so get them now. Milkcrate #8 has undergone some technical testing, and hits the copy machine next week.

End of Winter

The AFBL season is winding down, work moves along.

Milkcrate Digest #8 should be done in a few short weeks, also getting back issues out. Look for Issue #2, and #1 coming soon after the new issue hits, maybe even before.

Big Kids/Little Kids is in the final stages. I have just a handful of people to finalize and then it’s done. That should be out late Spring or early Summer. The book will have about 50 artists, many of your Philly favorites as well as the Big Kids from all over who have shown in Philly. In geek news, my php knowledge grows, you can now send messages and join the jf or milkcrate mailing list, by usuing a flash/php form.