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Girl x (Red) show video

It seems like yesterday, but this was almost a year ago, in August, 2010. This video was shot at the opening of the Girl x (Red) show in LA. My buddy Hershel was in the show and it was well worth the drive from San Diego to LA. This video was originally made for Living Proof Mag along with photos of the show.

Boo on 3D Movies

3D this and 3D that–people wearing cheap plastic glasses all over your favorite megaplex theater. I’m not a fan at all. Current 3D movies are nothing more than a blatant (and successful) ploy to pull more money from our pockets. In the recent, and very entertaining, Alice in Wonderland by Tim Burton I was constantly annoyed by sequences that were nothing more than a technology demo for the 3D effects. Wow, butterflies flying into the screen–how amazing. These effects are limited and even when done well, like in Coraline, they add nothing to the storyline. Some people might argue that they add to the experience of the movie–to that I say boo. The current 3D technology has been is use since 1936. What makes matters worse is watching these movies in good ole’ 2D and having to watch these ridiculous sequences. I’m all for progress in the movies. I like technology. But, I’d go see more movies if the whole experience was better: better food, better projection, nicer seating, more space between people and better overall service. I’d even pay more if it was like that, then we wouldn’t need to wear those awful glasses.