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Mixtape 07.2010.Guitar

Guitar is the newest of the mixes and features both electric and acoustic styles. Simple rhythmic guitar hooks and nice sounds. All my favorite guitar wielding bands: The Dead Milkmen, Sex Pistols, R.E.M., ALL and more. Isn’t guitar a strange looking word. I keep thinking it’s spelled wrong.

Listen here or the player below.

Mixtape 06.2010.Class of ’91

Summer is here and time keeps passing. As you get old, and I guess that’s what’s happening to me, you start to look back. I’ve never been a fan of looking back. I’ve always tried to look forward. I am approaching my 20th year away form high school and the fact of the matter is this: I still listen to a lot of the same music. Yes, I mix it up now a days. But my go to stuff, the things I listen to over and over are the gems of my past memory. This mixtape, a double disc, is exactly what I loved in high school – way back in the late 80s and dawn of the 90s. Enjoy.

Listen here or the player below.

Mixtape: 05.2010.Cover Bands

In the midst of all the American Idol madness I’d like to pitch my new Mixtape: Cover Bands. This version has a slew of my favorite covers and some new finds as well. It includes the now, way-over covered Leonard Cohen track Hallelujah. I kept the Rufus Wainwright version on here because it’s still the best version and it was on the Shrek soundtrack, which I just think is funny. It doesn’t say that it’s Rufus, but it is. The art here includes images from Flickr once again: Lubitel 2 by Tokenygaard & Fuzzimo’s Vynil Record Texture.

Listen here or the player below.

Mixtape: JFX.03.2010.DAYLIGHT

I wish I had come up with this idea all by myself. I did not. I’m borrowing this concept from Kitsune Noir and their awesome Mixcast series. So, I’ve created mix mixtape and posted it for your listening pleasure. The plan is to do these regularly and make cool cover art for each. The first one here is called DAYLIGHT and fetaures two flickr images: A great shot of the golden gate bridge at dusk (I cropped the bridge out) and the second is a image from the amazing Noise & Dust group called Kodak Duaflex viewfinder. You can listen with the player below or click through and listen here.