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Rich Jacobs’ Move 15


Rich Jacobs is an old friend and an amazingly active guy. A long way back he asked me to send him some old skate zines and I did. Time passed and in an odd coincidence I ran into him at Printed Matter during his recent trip to new York to take down his 15th Move Show titled “There is Xerox on the insides of your eyelids”. To my happy surprise, some of my work was in this show along side some of the masters of the form. The show has been traveling around and will go to Holland next, so I’m told. Thanks Rich for including me.

good web


David CraneGameLife of Wired just posted some nice images of David Crane, creator of Pitfall!, in front of a running Atari. Since my game Skatefall! came out, anything promoting David Crane peaks my interest. It’s good to see these guys getting their due.

WhitingMy buddy Snacks sent this link over. An artist from the + gallery in Denver, Colorado named Michale Whiting created this sculpture at the left, “handplant” and many other cool things.


Nintendo street campaign“Wii’ll not forget” is a street campaign that re-creates classic game images with post-it notes. On the back of each note is a message about the Wii Virtual Console. This is not the first pixelated post-it note experiment, but good ideas will get copied, always.

retrostickers.comOld school skate heads always need a good place to reminisce – is the place.

Pinball emulatorPinMAME is a pinball emulator along the lines of MAME, the arcade emulator. PinMAME does it’s best to re-create the pinball experience, and like MAME they work right from the original ROMs.

SpotcovrI had this same idea some time ago. I even bought a domain name. But, I didn’t act on it. The idea is pretty simple – a web site that users can log into and post their favorite skate spots. Spotcovr did it, and they built a powerful site, that users can log into and edit, post, and show spots the world.

80s Powell Peralta Icons for OS X, part 6

Powell Peralta Icons, set 6

Just cause 9 months pass without new icons you thought I was done with the set? So wrong, you don’t even know. Part 6 of the set is here. 16 more icons filling in some serious gaps in the series. We got the Tommy Guerrero decks, Mullen, Valleley, Frankie Hill, and more Download them >download
I’ve heard some reports of download problems. the remedy is a stuffit upgrade.

GoodandEviL “Promotional Video” – part 9: the Pogoball part

GoodandEviL promotional video
The finale of the video, after 10 minutes or so of blackness, is the pogoball section. Don’t know what a pogoball is? Well let’s just say it was the 80s and they never really stuck around. Unless you know Denny Heinz… But, that didn’t stop us. Staring John Freeborn, Jason Vivona, and Jim Houser. Music: Stevie Wonder, Songs in the Key of Life, Saturn (of course)

GoodandEviL “Promotional Video” – part 8: John Freeborn’s staple gun part

GoodandEviL promotional video
What is a skate video without bonus parts? The GoodandEviL video has that in spades. The first bonus after the credits are done is my magnum opus, my piece de resistance – the legendary “Staple Gun part”. If you don’t know what a staple gun is, go back to Powell Peralta Video 4, Public Domain and watch Steve Saiz on the mini ramp. My brother often said that it wasn’t a real trick. 21 variations tells a different story. Music from the Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory soundtrack, Wonkavision Oompa Loompa