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Motivational Cubicle Signage

From February of 2010 until July I found myself back in the cubicle trenches. This was not my first cube run so I knew the ropes well. Something new hit me this time that I didn’t notice in my younger days. People decorate their cubes a lot. Some take a “home away from home” approach. Others try and simulate a cool office with design-y posters and hip toys. After a few weeks, I found myself doing the same without even realizing it.

One fine morning as I rolled into my cube, my neighbor asked, “How you doing?” My answer, channeling my best Allen Iverson, “Living every day like it’s my last!” For some reason this quote, in this context made me laugh all day long. This brought about my first ironic motivational quote poster. I was working in the kind of office that likes to put motivational quotes on the wall in gold letters, so this wink and nod to that was a huge bonus. In my downtime I created the “Live Every Day Like It’s Your Last” poster.

Once this first one was made the creative flood gates we’re opened. A series of 9 were made and you can download the whole set at the bottom of the post here. Some are famous quotes and others are my own invention. They all will raise your cube status and help you get through the day. Enjoy.

This could be you!!! Download the full set as a PDF here –> John Freeborn’s Motivational Cube Signs.PDF

Or, just grab your favorites as good ole’ JPG below.

I Love Patterns, you can too

Pattern Sample Pattern Sample Pattern Sample

Pattern Fun Pattern Swatches

I love patterns, repeat patterns and if you add some pixels then I’m all set. I needed to create a small hash mark repeat pattern recently and I got way distracted and created over 50 pixel repeat patterns. I decided to share them with the world. You can download the illustrator files here. There are also some simple instructions on how to alter the patterns, change them, and colorize them. Download the CS3 version, the CS2 version, the Illustrator 10 version, or for you old school heads, the EPS version.