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M3 Zine


This zine was supposed to be printed many years ago. For some unknown reason, it lived in my computer and hasn’t seen the light of day until recently. It’s full color, 40 pages and each copy is signed and numbered in an edition of 25. The size is 10 1/4″ tall x 7 1/4″ wide.

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M3-intro spread M3-sample page M3-sample page M3-back cover detail




Random #10 eZine – Available Now!

….. Random Zine #10 - John Freeborn

My first eBook is now available on the Apple bookstore. This digital zine is 100 pages long with work from 20 artists and is my first forray into this new form of publishing. Check out some samples below. Huge thanks to everyone who participated and if the world buys a few copies, then I’ll do more. It’s just a buck, spread the word.

Artwork by (in order of appearance) Hershel Baltrotsky, Sonia Yoon, Clint Woodside, Ryan Wallace, Rich Jacobs, Jim Houser, Kendrick Shackleford, Tom Maher, Ben Horton, Eric McDade, Chris Sembrot, Joseph Hart, Matt Sohl, Dave Delaney, Sam Croswell, Carlos Miaco, Matt Curtius, Amy S. Kauffman and Jordin Isip.

UK iBookstore –> Random Zine #10 - John Freeborn   Spain iBookstore –> Random Zine #10 - John Freeborn

Australia iBookstore –> Random Zine #10 - John Freeborn   Canada iBookstore –> Random Zine #10 - John Freeborn

France iBookstore –> Random Zine #10 - John Freeborn   Germany iBookstore –> Random Zine #10 - John Freeborn

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Damaged Pixels Zine

Some time ago I had a series of hard drive failures that forced me to do a lengthy overhaul of my digital archives. In the process many of my ‘recovered’ files showed up as strange versions of their previous selves. This zine is an attempt to make good from bad and move forward from the wreckage. Full color, 20 pages, limited edition of 25, signed and numbered. Buy here –> Damaged Pixels Zine

Rich Jacobs’ Move 15


Rich Jacobs is an old friend and an amazingly active guy. A long way back he asked me to send him some old skate zines and I did. Time passed and in an odd coincidence I ran into him at Printed Matter during his recent trip to new York to take down his 15th Move Show titled “There is Xerox on the insides of your eyelids”. To my happy surprise, some of my work was in this show along side some of the masters of the form. The show has been traveling around and will go to Holland next, so I’m told. Thanks Rich for including me.