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Sampla: Video Game Music Quiz Game

Many moons ago I approached my collaborators at geekadelphia about doing a game. The concept was simple enough, and after months of fits and starts it is finally live to the world. Sampla: the video game music quiz. Try it out, post your score and tell your friends. This game is a variation of the original Sampla, which you should still play even though the high score board broke. –> more games of mine here at games.johnfreeborn.com

New Pixel Drawings

A short while ago I started doing these new drawings. They use a series of custom printed patterns that I created, and then I draw in the dots by hand. It’s labor intensive and can kind of tweak your vision, but I’m really liking how they are turing out. Below are some pics of the first three, there are more in the works already, but you can get these on my etsy store right now.

Boomboxes, Scorpions & more Joysticks

Pink Joystick Necklace

After the great response to my joystick necklace I decided to keep the ball rolling with some more fun stuff. So, now you can get pink joystick necklaces, boomboxes in pink and orange, and also pink scorpions – all of this is on my etsy shop.