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Things I Don’t Need: Part 1, Next Generation Magazine collection


It’s been a little over a year since I had the pleasure of moving twice in three months time. That exercise showed me a few things, but it’s become very, very clear that I have too much stuff. Finally I’m starting to work through the chaos and I’m organizing and sorting through it all. Most of these things that I don’t need have sentimental value and/or a perceived value. I don’t just want to trash the stuff, or throw it up on eBay or Craig’s List. I want these items to have a good home, where they will be appreciated and taken care of. I don’t know how long this is gonna take, so this is part 1 of ?

The first item is my prized collection of Next Generation magazines. It’s almost every issue from the first few years of it’s existence. The magazine went from 1995 to 2002 and was unlike any video game magazine of the time. It was more grown-up, when video games were still just for kids. The paper was higher end and the design was smart and clean. Imagine if WIRED made a video game mag, that’s what it would be like, smart. They would often show detailed schematics of systems, talk about technology and its effects on people and they treated video games like an art. The rest of the world came around to this view, but it took years. Next Generation was ahead of its time. Read more at Wikipedia

Below you can see photos of a few from the collection. I really hate to give this away, but I know the perfect person to get it: Eric Smith of geekadelphia.com. When I asked Eric what he’d do if he won the lottery, his answer was flawless, “I’d smart a video game museum,” I hope that when this happens, my collection will take its place in that grand vision.

Panorama 3 Cross Stitch Piece

I just sold this piece at Jonathan LeVine Gallery, in the Jordin Isip/Rodger Stevens curated Panorama 3 show. The show has popped around the web and seems to be drawing positive attention. –> via Jaxtapos, Photos from Camille Rose Garcia & Panorama 3 opening –> via the Art Collector blog, Jonathan LeVine’s Season Opener –> via SPD, Panorama 3 Project