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Mixtape: JFX.04.27.2010.Commercial Indie

Mixtape number 3, is themed on music from TV that was once only the domain of select indie music junkies. They have probably written off half of these bands now that they’ve sold their souls to Sony, Nissan, Sprint and the like–but oh well. Sometimes it’s a good thing and introduces you to music you’d never find. Other times, like the Wendy’s spot listed below, it’s just a little creepy. The photo is by Craig A Rodway via Flickr. You can listen with the player below or click through and listen here.

Such Great Heights, The Postal Service – The M&Ms people use a nice acoustic version in this nice little M&Ms spot
Stars, The Weepies – My wife loved this song from this heavily played Old Navy commerical
Souvenirs, Architecture in Helsinki – Sprint used this song in their very cool light streak ads
Sleepy Head, Passion Pit – I kind of hated these Palm ads
Blister in the Sun, Violent Femmes – Wendy’s used the pro-masturbation Femmes song to sell hamburgers. The main character even wipes his dirty mouth in it.
We’re All in This Together, Ben Lee – Kohl’s & Ben Lee… so American
Coming Home, The 88 – Target & Sears introduced me to The 88
Here It Goes Again, OK Go – Nike + Apple = cool ad
Gravity Rides Everything, Modest Mouse – This Nissan mini van ad had hipsters losing their minds
Kodo [Inside the Sun Remix], Yoshida Brothers – This spot for the Nintendo Wii played about 3 billion times.
My Mathematical Mind, Spoon – Acura usually does good ads
All That I Want, The Weepies – JCPenney used another Weepies classic
Island Of The Sun, Weezer – Beaches used this Weezer song to very poor effect.
Heartbeats, Jose Gonzales – Sony has a knack for doing great advertising. This Bravia ad is easily my all time favorite. Be sure and watch it in HD.

Sampla: Video Game Music Quiz Game

Many moons ago I approached my collaborators at geekadelphia about doing a game. The concept was simple enough, and after months of fits and starts it is finally live to the world. Sampla: the video game music quiz. Try it out, post your score and tell your friends. This game is a variation of the original Sampla, which you should still play even though the high score board broke. –> more games of mine here at games.johnfreeborn.com

Mixtape: JFX.03.2010.DAYLIGHT

I wish I had come up with this idea all by myself. I did not. I’m borrowing this concept from Kitsune Noir and their awesome Mixcast series. So, I’ve created mix mixtape and posted it for your listening pleasure. The plan is to do these regularly and make cool cover art for each. The first one here is called DAYLIGHT and fetaures two flickr images: A great shot of the golden gate bridge at dusk (I cropped the bridge out) and the second is a image from the amazing Noise & Dust group called Kodak Duaflex viewfinder. You can listen with the player below or click through and listen here.