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New Patterns & Pixels

I love to experiment with patterns and if you know me at all then you know how much I like pixelated icons and forms. I’ve been doing a lot of repeat patterns lately and here’s a sampling of the new ideas. The top row: Right, expansion of an arabian pattern. Top Middle, I call this one bodies. Top Left, This one is inspired by Donkey Kong Jr. The second row: Bottom Right, this one is a hexagonal repeat that I call enemies. Bottom Middle, Fire Flower repeat, inspired by Mario Bros. Bottom Right, spinning scorpions in two color ways.

Damaged Pixels Zine

Some time ago I had a series of hard drive failures that forced me to do a lengthy overhaul of my digital archives. In the process many of my ‘recovered’ files showed up as strange versions of their previous selves. This zine is an attempt to make good from bad and move forward from the wreckage. Full color, 20 pages, limited edition of 25, signed and numbered. Buy here –> Damaged Pixels Zine

New Pixel Drawings

A short while ago I started doing these new drawings. They use a series of custom printed patterns that I created, and then I draw in the dots by hand. It’s labor intensive and can kind of tweak your vision, but I’m really liking how they are turing out. Below are some pics of the first three, there are more in the works already, but you can get these on my etsy store right now.

my own limited edition Big Kids/Little Kids

Big Kids/Little Kids limited edition by John Freeborn

I do not know how this happened. Worse than that, it took me almost a week to get this post up. Way back in September of 2008 Big Kids/Little Kids opened in Houston, Texas at Domy Books. That opening was the kick off for the above limited edition version of my book, with my own artwork adorning the hand screen printed dust jacket. Of course I never posted about it, or even put it on my online store for sale. My bad. These things are all now corrected. Let’s move forward. Buy the John Freeborn limited edition version of Big Kids/Little Kids here.

Boomboxes, Scorpions & more Joysticks

Pink Joystick Necklace

After the great response to my joystick necklace I decided to keep the ball rolling with some more fun stuff. So, now you can get pink joystick necklaces, boomboxes in pink and orange, and also pink scorpions – all of this is on my etsy shop.