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Face Plant

Three weeks ago from yesterday I had a mishap. I went to the skatepark for our usual Tuesday lunch session. I took a run in the bowl and then started pushing around the street course. I headed for a section with a bank to box. I gave it two hard pushes.

jfx1026-morganhill jgrantbrittain-swank-push

These weren’t ‘running from the cops’ pushes, just regular ‘get some speed’ pushes. On the second push I felt crazy pain in my right calf. It felt like someone through a rock at my leg. I turned away from the box and stopped to examine my leg and sort out what happened.

calf-pain mike-woodson-confusion

So, the pain is growing and I sit down and take off my helmet and elbow pads, still trying to sort out the problem. Then, for some unknown reason, I stood up. The next section of the story was told to me. I don’t have any memory of this bit. I fell to my knees and then flat to my face.

knee-surf john-face-plant

I wake up seeing blood and my friends and the park monitor around me. I got the usual waking up from being unconscious questions. I answered these correctly because I have this neat trick where I pass out under extreme pain. I’ve met a few people who have this same reaction to pain. I couldn’t walk, or put weight on my leg. My calf was still killing me.

I went back to work. They told me to go home, which I did eventually. A few days later I went to a doctor. His diagnosis: a partially torn calf muscle. The treatment: 6-8 weeks of rehab. The rehab is simple, just stretching to stop scar tissue from forming during the healing process.

The moral of the story. Don’t get old, it makes dumb stuff happen to your body when you least expect it. I didn’t hurt myself trying to learn, or re-learn, some trick. I tore a muscle pushing.