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Moz x 8-Bit

Tomorrow night at Seeing Things, in San Jose, I’ll be a part of a show called ‘It’s Not Your Birthday Anymore’ a Morrissey Group Art Show. I created a series of prints specifically for the show. They are all LP sized and will be available (framed) at the gallery starting tomorrow night (7-10PM). They are also be available on my Etsy store.










Sampla: Video Game Music Quiz Game

Many moons ago I approached my collaborators at geekadelphia about doing a game. The concept was simple enough, and after months of fits and starts it is finally live to the world. Sampla: the video game music quiz. Try it out, post your score and tell your friends. This game is a variation of the original Sampla, which you should still play even though the high score board broke. –> more games of mine here at games.johnfreeborn.com

New Patterns & Pixels

I love to experiment with patterns and if you know me at all then you know how much I like pixelated icons and forms. I’ve been doing a lot of repeat patterns lately and here’s a sampling of the new ideas. The top row: Right, expansion of an arabian pattern. Top Middle, I call this one bodies. Top Left, This one is inspired by Donkey Kong Jr. The second row: Bottom Right, this one is a hexagonal repeat that I call enemies. Bottom Middle, Fire Flower repeat, inspired by Mario Bros. Bottom Right, spinning scorpions in two color ways.

Boomboxes, Scorpions & more Joysticks

Pink Joystick Necklace

After the great response to my joystick necklace I decided to keep the ball rolling with some more fun stuff. So, now you can get pink joystick necklaces, boomboxes in pink and orange, and also pink scorpions – all of this is on my etsy shop.

Panorama 3 Cross Stitch Piece

I just sold this piece at Jonathan LeVine Gallery, in the Jordin Isip/Rodger Stevens curated Panorama 3 show. The show has popped around the web and seems to be drawing positive attention. –> via Jaxtapos, Photos from Camille Rose Garcia & Panorama 3 opening –> via the Art Collector blog, Jonathan LeVine’s Season Opener –> via SPD, Panorama 3 Project