I make several zines.

Milkcrate Digest is the most widely know of my zines. I started this in college and it live on to this day. My love for the crates only grows. – milkcratedigest.com

Barb was created as a means of exploring the art of zine making. Usually this amounts to some copy techinique, paper, fold, or ink. But ya never know.

Random Zine is just what it sounds like. Random started while I was running 1Pixel (my gallery in Philadelphia) to give an outlet to more artists. – randomzine.com

Kill Rocco Zine – a one off zine I did way back. It’s about Steve Rocco and his evil ways running the skateboard industry. I made most of this stuff up, but it got a lot of press, and even showed up in the Beatuiful Losers book. (no credit, of course)

Also check out Zinebox.org – my online zine library

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